A seed to start-up

SEIS raise money when you start to trade – SEIS finanzia la tua start up

If you are a business (continued) 

Condizioni per I quattro tipi di finanziamento

Attivita’ Lorda max £15 millioni max £200,000 millioni max £15 millioni max £15 millioni
Impiegati meno di 250 meno di 25 meno di 250 meno di 250
N di anni +7 anni di attivita’ d’impresa max 2 anni dalla costituzione registered charitiy CIC, CBS  
Massimo finanziamento erogabile  £12 millioni £150,000 £12 millioni £1.5 millioni


  • carries out a new qualifying trade
  • is established in the UK
  • is not trading on a recognised stock exchange at the time of the share issue
  • has no arrangements to become a quoted company or a subsidiary of one at the time of the share issue
  • does not control another company unless that company is a qualifying subsidiary
  • has not been controlled by another company since the date of your company being incorporated


it is less than 2 years old, and at the time of investment has:

  • no more than £200,000 in gross assets
  • less than 25 employees
  • not previously carried out a different trade

You can apply for SEIS, the Seed Enterprise Investment Scheme (SEIS) that helps your company raise money when it’s starting to trade.

You can receive a maximum amount of £150,000 in the lifetime of your company through SEIS investments. The company, investor and proposed investment must meet the conditions of the scheme you opt for.

You must spend the money you raise from the investment within 3 years of the share issue. You must use the money on either:

  • a qualifying trade
  • preparing to carry out a qualifying trade
  • research and development that’s expected to lead to a qualifying trade
  • invest to buy shares in a qualifying 90% subsidiary that uses the money for a qualifying business activity.

There are 4 schemes designed to help small or medium sized companies and social enterprises grow by attracting investment . They are EIS, EIS, VCT and SITR. They offer tax reliefs to individuals who buy and hold new shares, bonds or assets for a specific period of time. There may be higher limits if your company carries out research, development or innovation.

We can help you to explain the schemes and check if your company meets the requirements and qualifies for the investment before you apply, and if it qualifies, prepare and submit the required documentation to HMRC.

SEIS finances your start up

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