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We offer a free introductory service  with a tax consultant qualified and experienced to assist businesses and people who have moved or are moving to the UK or abroad.

A tax expert opinion can help you to form a better understanding of complex situations and enable to make smarter choices, guiding you to stay better at home and abroad.

With more than ten years of cross-border expertise, we are ready for   Brexit   .

From 1 January 2021 UK is a Third State …. “a country which is not party to an international treaty or agreement”

As UK is no longer an EU Member, different rules will apply to each EU country, set out by – bi-lateral arrangements, specialist programs, ….

Cesca Accounting international tax and wealth management advisers

  • Deep understanding of Italians living in the UK and of UK Nationals living in Italy
  • Cross-border expertise
  • Based locally in the country where our clients live
  • Qualified and Regulated – UK & Italy

With a history of successfully bespoke advice Cesca Accounting has the customized solution for you.

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Are you an Italian living in the UK? Passionate of Italy and running a business in Italy? or with interests in Italy? Create your strategy now. Handle both the risks and the opportunities ahead of you. Do you face the challenge of differing vary local compliance rules in the two jurisdictions you relate to? Are you dependent on local and remote advisers? If this sounds like you, then Cesca Accounting has the customized solution for you. CescaUK will provide you with high level support in Taxes, Legal matters, Consultancy, Bookkeeping , Business process outsourcing on both UK and Italy bases. You do not need to switch to other languages, no need to travel, to spend your time to comprehend foreign laws of the other country. We employ highly qualified professionals with a broad range of skills and expertise, a multicultural profile, fluent in several languages (English, Italian, Russian and French). Our teams have a deep knowledge and experience of multinational companies: they are able to adapt themselves to the international background of our clients and at the same time to adhere to National requirements. We can offer you a wide range of services: READ MORE

We can offer you a wide range of services:

Consultancy in UK – in Italy

The current business environment is competitive. Markets are more fluid but uncertain, with all the changes in our environment in Europe and beyond, and the emerging socio-political and economic risks including Brexit. Our approach is oriented to help us effectively handle both the risks and the opportunities ahead of us.

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Tax compliance UK / Italy

We have acquired a significant experience dealing with international issues. Our client base comprises private and corporates clients. Our specialist tax advice and solutions help clients  comply with national and international regulations, enhance tax savings and avoid risks.

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High Net Worth & Family Offices

Cesca Accounting offers bespoke tax and wealth management solutions. Our specialists give integrated and bespoke advice on tax, trust and estate planning and wealth management. They can help to reduce tax burden and ensure to establish the appropriate structures to safeguard, maintain, invest and pass down wealth.

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Our technical advisers oversee projects, analyze them based on client’s guidelines. They guide the client inside the development process with their expertise and teach them to solve emerging technical issues.

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Payroll & HR

Our team can help, offering a wide range of practical services and expert advice tailored to individual client needs.


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Bookkeeping according to IFRS or OIC

Cesca Accounting has partnered with Sage to give clients the best ever cloud based accountancy software. You can choose from the complete outsourcing of the monthly bookkeeping to simply staff assistance in the preparation of monthly reports.

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About us

Cesca Accounting is an independent accounting and consulting firm in the UK, specializing in  tax, legal and advisory services, accountancy and audit.  We believe in Integrity, Professional competence and Due care; Cultural diversity and Respect.

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We are a member of the Department for International Trade’s UK Investment Support Directory



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