• Individual approach
  • Highly qualified and customized advisory
  • Documentation in Italian language
  • Customized support focused on the cients needs
  • Flexibililty
  • Proptness

Our Italian desk supports Italian companies wishing to set up in UK, UK firms wishing to do business in Italy, Italians who moved to UK and need guidance in managing their assets, Brits moving to live in Italy or doing business in Italy.. You will benefit from regulated certified accountants native Italian speaking living in the UK who understand both UK and Italian markets, regulations and practices. We can support you also with our Professionals living in Italy who can provide audit, financial advisory, tax and law 

Our professionals understand both national and Italian markets, regulations and practices.

They dedicate a highly qualified and customized service to Italian companies investing or wishing to invest in the UK, to local companies looking to invest in Italy and to private  individuals moving to Italy or to UK.

They can help you to enhance tax savings and avoid risks.

Our services include: